1. What is Excellous Future Pvt. ltd.?
Excellous Future is company which has come up with this simple and unique idea of providing scholarship to deserving minds with a concept of “NOW IT’S TIME TO LET YOUR TALENT FUND YOUR EDUACTION”

2. What scholarships are available to prospective applicants, and who can apply?
Excellous Future Awards scholarship in two ways each year:
- TALANTIKA Junior Champs (class 6th -10th)
- TALANTIKA Risers (class 11, 12 & 12th pass out)
- TALANTIKA Master Minds (last year of graduation or graduates)

Excellous Future is going to award scholarship in near future for students willing to study abroad:

- TALANTIKA International Admission Test. (pursuing 12th std or Pass Outs)

3. What is the amount of scholarship?
Every Section has a different Reward program, so it is requested to visit the Reward Section of the concerned Scholarship program for further information.

4. What is the difference between domain/ knowledge based test and aptitude/ability based tests?
The most common type of domain based test is the test taken by giving grade level, by planned instruction through classroom training by schools. Whereas aptitude base test is meant to assess abilities in different cognitive areas in a general way. You have to be coached, taught and prepared for domain based test, whereas for aptitude based test it measures your inherit ability and knowledge which you have gained other than your academics. It thus levels the ground for students who have access to good academic education and who don’t.

5. How can a class 11th student compete with class 12th student? It seems Unfair.
After considerable research it has been proved in the past that aptitude of this age group is equal, thereby enabling them to be tested on a common platform.
It doesn’t matter whether you are class X, XI or XII student our test is technically designed on parameters which are scientifically identified to eliminate any such differences.

6. What is the date for test?
TALANTIKA tests will be announced three months in advance every year.

7. When can I apply?
As soon as the Dates are announced Registration will be open online you can click on registration and apply for that year.

8. Where will the test be delivered?
Test will be delivered across India. To find out your nearest city click here.

9. How will I know my test centre for examination?
During registration, you will be asked to choose your nearest exam centre and you can select 3 priorities e.g (1. Ahmedabad 2. Baroda 3. Surat while receiving the admit card you could get Baroda as centre because it is possible we have more candidates from Baroda then Ahmedabad) and test centre shall be mentioned on your admit card as well.

10. How many times can I appear for the the test?
You can appear for the test as many times as you want, as long as you qualify our eligibility criteria and have not secured the top 3 ranks of the Test Program Enrolled into. Once you have secured between first 3 ranks you will not be allowed to enrol for the same Test again throughout your lifetime, rather you can enrol for any other program if you wish and are eligible for.

11. How do I register for the test?
Registration for all the TALANTIKA tests is through an online application to be filled on Excellous Future’s website (www.excellousfuture.in)

12. What is the application fee to apply for the exam?
The Application fee is: (Program Wise)

Talantika Junior Champs

Section – I Class 6th to 8th Rs.125/- (INR)
Section – II Class 9th & 10th Rs 150/- (INR)

Talantika Risers

Online Mode
Male Students - Rs 550/- (INR)
Female Students - Rs 400/- (INR)

Offline/ Cash Deposit
Male Students - Rs 600/- (INR)
Female Students - Rs 450/- (INR)

Talantika Masterminds

Online Mode
Male Students - Rs 1000/- (INR)
Female Students - Rs 800/- (INR)

Offline/ Cash Deposit
Male Students - Rs 1200/- (INR)
Female Students - Rs 1000/- (INR)

Talantika International Admission Test

Online Mode - Coming Soon
Offline/ Cash Deposit - Coming Soon

13. How do I pay the application fee?
Applicant can pay the fees via two methods:

1- Online: The applicant can pay the fees online through Debit or Credit card along with all the possible Net Banking facility at the time of filling the registration form.

2- Cash: The Applicant can pay cash by visiting any of the nearest HDFC Bank branch as follows:
Step1- Applicant downloads Pay-in slip from EFPL website and fills the details.
Step2- Applicant can approach nearest HDFC bank Branch and deposit the cash and pay-in slip at the cash counter.
Step3- Bank retains Bank copy and will return applicant’s and institute’s copy to the student. Please carry the Institute’s copy on the day of exam.
Step4- Send a photocopy of the pay-in-slip along with the dually filled registration form that has been downloaded from the applicant’s account.

14. Is the scholarship given for any particular course or filed?
No, the Scholar can use the scholarship to pursue the education/course of their choice.

15. Is the scholarship need based?
No, the scholarship is talent based and merit based.

16. I have submitted the exam fee but I never appeared for the exam, will I get a refund?
No, after you submitted the exam fee and filled registration form your entry is counted and centres are decided on basis of that.

17. Do all students who participate in TALANTIKA exam get certificate?
Yes. EFPL ranks every student who participates in TALANTIKA exam.

18. How is the scholarship awarded?
The Scholarship is awarded in a unique way as, it will be given directly to scholar’s Institute/ school where he/she wants to pursue his/her education in form of fees for the course/ degree.
Scholars who are yet to get admission in any institute/university, or have deferred the admission process more than 6 months, will be get the awarded scholarship in form of Fixed Deposits with a bank so as to be used when they get admission in any Institute/University for further studies.