About Excellous Future

An honest response to a simple question led to the birth of ‘Excellous Future Pvt. Ltd.’, an initiative which lays emphasis on learning and helps one achieve his penultimate goal. We are here to help thousands or may be millions of students to carve out their own destiny.

The idea is to develop a highly customized education delivery system that brings about numerous homogeneous groups of excellence across boundaries. A scalable and responsible technology platform to reach out to the audience as per their needs; making learning a seamless experience of life rather than the rat race it is now. On site delivery workshops enabled by our own research data to make sure we do not lose focus from primary entity of this operation, the STUDENTS.

TALENTIKA - The most advanced and best rewarding scholarship test series.

Talentika is a test series which is used for skill assessment of students for the purpose of providing scholarship to the eligible students. The reason that makes this test series the best and makes it a class apart from its competition is its ability to find the cognitive capabilities of the students. After going through this test series, the students are empowered with the knowledge of their strengths and weaknesses which can be used by students to reach better landmarks in academics without much confusion and guesswork.

Intensive research by R&D to design a like never before platform resulted in development of a true PhygitalEdutech platform to train students psychologically by collaborating virtual educational environment with physical on-site workshops. To make Talentika a holistic tool for assessing the cognitive abilities of students, we make sure that we include a vast variety of questions which require different cognitive functions. Topics of the questions are the same as the curriculum of a teaching institute but the questions themselves are designed to test the reasoning and creative abilities of the students as per their age group.

To achieve what we just promised, EFPL works with reputed scholars of the respective subjects and use advanced algorithms to remove any miscalculation and provide the most accurate result:.

a. Subject Scholars: Excellous Future consults and employs reputed scholars of various subjects from the industries. Being masters of their subjects, these scholars’ device questions of different difficulty level which requires conceptual knowledge along with problem-solving skills.

b. HIVE guide: It is an algorithm developed by Excellous Future which is researched and designed to map questions, difficulty level, and other assessment parameters to come up with a detailed and accurate assessment of students’ individual capabilities and cognition.

We, Excellous Future, have made sure that each student gets a fair chance to get shortlisted for scholarships after attempting Talentika. To make this possible, we have created 3 groups with different level of difficulties and topics so that students from a wide spectrum can attempt the test and get direct and indirect benefits from the test series.

I. TALENTIKA Junior Champs (class 6th -10th)
II. TALENTIKA Risers (class 11, 12 & 12th pass out)
III. TALENTIKA Master Minds (last year of graduation or graduates)