About Excellous Future

An honest response to a simple question led to the birth of ‘Excellous Future Pvt. Ltd.’, an initiative which lays emphasis on learning and helps one achieve his penultimate goal. We are here to help thousands or may be millions of students to carve out their own destiny.

‘Excellous Future’ is a small team of believers and experts, who are firmly dedicated to help you succeed in this competitive environment. Education is every individual’s right and one cannot stop in middle of the journey of success due to financial constraints. We are here to help you cross that barrier if you have talent and dedication. ‘Excellous Future’ is like your true friend and guide which will help you to shape up your career and become a successful person in life.

We have just begun our journey and we have miles to cover before we pause. Till we reach our destination, we will make sure that we share our dreams with many talents of India and bring success to many among us.

*These individuals are not employees of ‘Excellous Future’ and are not responsible for the day to day running of the company. They are linked with us for our guidance and mentorship only.

“It is a greater work to educate a child, in the true and larger sense of the word, than to rule a state”. - William Ellery Channing

We are strong believers and firmly believe that education is everybody’s birth right and nothing should come in between talent and education. There are scores of students, who have the talent but are unable to achieve their dreams due to lack of adequate education. And the first and most important reason to this lack of adequate education is the lack of finance. This leads to discouragements and the students are not able to get enrolled in the premier institutes of their preference.

The aim of ‘Excellous Future’ is to bridge that gap of financial barrier between talent and education. With the help, guidance and aid provided by ‘Excellous Future’ and its team, a student can aspire and aim for any institution in which he or she wishes to study in because we have arrived to ‘FUND their Dreams and Education’.

We are different

Everybody is confined with commercial values but we are planning to give commercial as well as a social angle to it. We will contribute to the society as a whole by moulding a student's career.

With our team having experience from different industries like Aviation, Education, Banking, Media and Business coming together for this noble cause, we want to bridge the financial inability of the students in their career aspirations.


‘Excellous Future’ aspires to be a part of the journey of success and provide meaningful education for all students for their sustainable development.


To be nationally and internationally acclaimed leader in shaping the future of students by providing scholarships to over 5,000 kids by 2020.

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‘Excellous Future’ a company among few of its own kinds has come up with the unique idea of providing ‘scholarships’ to talented minds irrespective of their educational background and enables them to get admission in intuitions of their choice.